The Best Beer Cooler for Bottle Shares

The Best Beer Cooler for Bottle Shares

An Essential Item for Craft Beer Lovers and Connoisseurs Alike

Stow Cooler

I have had my Stow Cooler for months now, so I owe y’all a much overdue post all about the best beer cooler you can buy.

This sleek, beer briefcase means business. I have walked into every bottle share we have been invited to for almost a year with this thing and I always get, “WOW, what is that?”

I give to you the Stow Cooler. 

*Smooth jazz starts playing.*

A Cool Thing to Keep Things Cool

This is a cooler that can carry up to eight 16 oz. cans, three bombers, twelve 12 oz. cans of beer, or a variation of beer that has already been chilled in your fridge.

Assorted 16. oz craft beer cans.

This makes it easy to store and carry your beloved beer, keeping it at the perfect temperature for up to five hours. After that, it starts dropping off, but if you live in a cooler environment, you can squeeze an extra couple of hours out of it.

My husband and I tested it ourselves with an infrared gun he brought home from work and it DOES keep your beer cold!*

*I personally would not recommend this sitting in the dead heat of August here in Florida on a beach, though. Florida sun has no mercy, and unless you keep it in the shade and protected by some things to keep it out of the sun, it’s not going to keep drinks cool for more than a couple of hours. That’s also not a place for a bottle share, anyway. No one wants to throw back a mixture of stouts and crazy cellar beers in 98 degrees with sand in their butts. However, if that’s what you’re into, go for it.

Why is this cooler special?

The quality is amazing and there is NO need for ice, making this perfect for toting some beers home from your local bottle shop or taking special things to bottle shares with friends.

If you are in Orlando and looking for some recommendations to bottle shops, click here!

It keeps craft beer at great temperatures and is discreet. Take it outdoors on a hike, golfing, to your mom’s house, or even to work…

Laptop case or beer? No one will be able to tell. Either way, you mean business.

This is sturdy enough to protect your glass bottles; just don’t go launching this off of a hotel balcony or leaving it on the roof of your car and driving off. I would also not recommend that.

We have decorated ours with some fun, local brewery stickers, but it is just as handsome on its own.

You can buy the cooler for $49 with Amazon prime!

Father’s Day is coming up… wink, wink.

We really love our Stow Cooler, and it’s something I think a lot of you would enjoy, as well.

Stay thirsty, my friends, and keep cool.


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