Hey there! My name is Ashley.

I am often referred to as a “beer connoisseur” which I greatly consider as a compliment. If you look up the word “connoisseur” in the dictionary, though, it is defined as an expert, and that I am not. I do not consider myself to be an expert on beer. The beer experts are the cicerones and master judges. However, I guess you could certainly consider me an expert in being your digital beer tour guide of Orlando!

I enjoy beer the most out of any other alcoholic beverages out there. I find the complexity and science behind the brew very interesting. I have a constant thirst for beer knowledge (see what I did there?) and I am always trying to learn more! One day I hope to be a cicerone and maybe teach people about beer, or even collaborate with one of many talented brewers in the area!

I was featured in the Orlando Sentinel in 2017 in their segment discussing women’s increasing role in the beer scene, shortly after I began my blogging journey. I may not professionally brew beer or work in a brewery, but I paved my own path and created my own “job.” I saw an opportunity to have my own role and space in the beer industry, and I just went with it.

I recently became a mother and it has changed my entire world for the better. I never fully understood what being a mother was like until I got here. Navigating parenthood is challenging, adventurous, messy, but extremely rewarding. Speaking of rewards, a pint of beer is also a nice one at the end of the day for all of our hard work, parent or not.

As a Florida native, I have seen Orlando’s developing craft beer scene grow first-hand. Even just a few years ago, breweries were scarce, and good beer was hard to come by. Orlando suffered a beer drought for years. I am thrilled to say this is no longer the case!

Please join me in my passion for craft beer and get to know me along the way. I also enjoy gardening, fishing, makeup, and home decorating. Oh, and food! I love food–mostly eating it, but I also enjoy cooking. Occasionally, I home brew. This is a new experience for me and I hope to continue to increase my knowledge and experiment with beer!

Follow me on my trips to breweries as I share my thoughts and recommendations! You might also discover fun places in Florida and new local beers to try, whether you’re visiting for the week or living in the nearby counties of Orlando.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

DISCLAIMER: All the posts on this site regarding beers, breweries, or different brands/brewers are purely just opinions per myself/Florida Hop Mama and should be treated as such. All photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated/credit is given. Information is subject to change, should information need to be corrected or updated. The legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21 years old, and by subscribing to my blog, you agree you are of legal drinking age.

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