5 Reasons to Visit Orlando Breweries

  1. The craft beer scene here is new and fresh.

    People here haven’t entirely been converted into beer snobs just yet. The locals finally have a taste of craft beer in almost every corner of Orlando—and they’re excited! Craft beer didn’t really make its way to Orlando until the early 2000s. There are now about 20 breweries in Orlando and counting. My hometown is finally following in the footsteps of other areas in Florida who have previously started their craft beer market, and all of us Floridians couldn’t be more excited! The friendships and teamwork that are strung throughout this town are portrayed in every single beer festival or event. This friendly network doesn’t go unnoticed!

  2. Orlando has a great food scene to pair with those beers.

    Just follow the foodies of Orlando on social media—they’ll show you great local places.
    Craft beer joints, like A La Carte, feature food trucks daily & weekly. You’ll get a great craft beer fix with nicely paired tacos or dessert, if you have a sweet tooth!
    Many local restaurants are also including and extending craft beer selections on their menus. This makes it easy to get a local taste of food and drink in the same place.

  3. You get to see more of the local culture in contrast to the gimmicks of tourism. We are more than amusement parks!

    If you’re not from here, I am sure one of the first things that comes to mind is Disney World or Islands of Adventure. There is much more to see in Orlando beyond its ferris wheel eye. It’s refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks, shopping outlets, and touristy resorts. Take a break from the screams and crowds and go deeper into the city (but avoid the ugly, sketchy parts of town)! You may have to drive anywhere from 20-45 minutes to find a brewery or craft beer spot, but there are plenty around. Yard House is a next door neighbor to the Orlando Eye off of International drive. This restaurant not only has amazing food, but they house 130 taps, some of which showcase great beer from Orlando and all over the state of Florida!

  4. The beers are good, and the people are better!

    The breweries around here are improving and expanding their creative talents by the day. Central Florida even has their very own hop farm in the works! A lot of the breweries out there have amazing staff who are passionate and knowledgable about craft beer. They are helpful to the newbies who are trying to dip their feet into the brewery scene. The community is tightly knit and there isn’t a place in Orlando that will not make you feel welcome when you walk in! I have personally visited breweries where I felt unwanted and as if the staff always had something better to do. Trust me, you won’t find those negative vibes in Orlando!

  5. Each brewery has its own unique flair, no two are similar. They’re all completely different.

    None of the breweries around here have the same type of ambiance. You will get a different experience at each place you visit. Some places on the map have the tendency to stick to the same theme—but not here. Each brewery has different elements that make it special and I appreciate that so much! You will never feel like you have been there, done that. You can easily expect different beer styles and strengths, different people, vibes, and a different environment in each brewery you set foot into.

I could go on and on about beer from here and dive into specifics, but there’s just too much information for me to spill! Everyone is always asking me for my own recommendations to breweries local to the area–feel free to DM me on Instagram, Facebook, or contact me via e-mail! I am happy to help.

I’d also love to hear about the beer scene where you are from. Comment down below the things you love about the beer and breweries from your own hometown!

‘Til next time, y’all, cheers!


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