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If you haven’t been to Ellipsis Brewing in Orlando, you are missing out. If you live too far away, I feel sorry for you. This place is putting out great beer. They have an absolutely stellar line up on tap right now, and I was able to get there on New Year’s Eve to sample some of their new releases!

I tried about eight different beers there (two from kind souls who got their hands on some beer that is rare to us Floridians).

Pictured below left-to-right are as follows: the Fluffernutter ale, I Said, What About porter, The Gourmet Expensive Stuff stout, and the Did I Do That? tradeporter.

ellipsis flight

  1. Fluffernutter: Red Ale/American Amber (5.3% ABV)
    This tastes just like a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. (If you have never had the actual sandwich before, I suggest you try it–unless you’re not big on peanut butter.) A powerfully packed peanut butter taste slaps your tongue, then you begin to taste hints of the fluffy, vanilla taste of a marshmallow, and it finishes out smoothly with a light, malty taste. Sips kind of heavy, but the mouthfeel is nowhere near as heavy as a thick stout. This was definitely one of the most uniquely flavored beers I have tried recently and I LOVED it! Unfortunately, it was a very small batch, so it’s likely the keg has been tapped out by now.
  2. I Said, What About: Vanilla cold brewed porter (6.3% ABV)
    Almost, but not quite, like drinking a vanilla iced cold brew coffee. It’s just in beer form. Definitely has strong notes of espresso, and the sweetness of the vanilla is low key. You get the roasted malt at the back end which is not too harsh or bitter. It is definitely better than Starbucks and also will not give you diabetes. See, it’s healthy. You should drink it! It also drank lighter than a typical porter, to me. In my opinion, a good beer to go with your brunch on the weekend… like, what about, breakfast at Tiffany’s? 😉 (Fun fact: that’s where the name came from.)
  3. The Gourmet Expensive Stuff: Cold brewed espresso infused stout with touch of vanilla (9% ABV)
    This one was similar to I Said, What About, but the flavors were deeper. A much richer taste, as a stout should have. The coffee/espresso flavor is much more present in this one, and since it’s so strong, it’s perfect to sip on a cold night (like tonight, in Florida, it is a bone chilling 45 degrees, and it’s raining… currently wishing I had this one on deck).
  4. Did I do that? TradePORTER (another beer by them) brewed with walnuts and vanilla (6.3% ABV)
    Oh. My. Gosh. This is right up there with the Fluffernutter. This one definitely hits you with the walnuts immediately, it lingers, then the vanilla comes in, and suddenly you feel like you might be eating rocky road ice cream. It was very easy to drink and the mouthfeel was light. It was a confusing time for my blonde brain. Am I drinking beer, or eating a delicious dessert? This is not your average porter. This is so above average, it’s probably out of your league. No one does it like Ellipsis.

I try not to be biased, but I am going to be honest with you: I really do think Ellipsis executes their beers and flavor profiles perfectly. At Ellipsis, there is no such thing as a bad beer. Though they be but a rookie and small in comparison to some of the breweries out there, you need to keep your eye on these guys. They’re going to kill it this year, I can feel it!

Feel free to check out their facebook page here.

Side note: I also recommend trying their FNG’s New England Imperial IPA (dry hopped with citra, el dorado, and simcoe hops) for a light, citrusy IPA that is tasty and easy to drink, as well as the Y Can’t IBU American pale ale that is single hopped with mosaic hops. That one is a simple, yet delicious pale ale that you could easily drink several glasses of. Just don’t drive after. (I wasn’t able to get pictures and forgot to take more notes for you for these, but definitely check these, as well as the others mentioned, out if you are in Orlando.)


Thank you for stopping by, and if you head over to Ellipsis, tell me what you think!

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