It’s Beer:30 and There’s a Hurricane Coming

Hey everyone! I’m here for a short story time session before I lose power in a day or two.


Unless you are living under a rock and have zero access to any social media or news, you probably know that the “strongest storm in recorded history” is making it’s way towards Florida in about 36 hours. Maybe even before then!

Irma has flattened the island of Barbuda to the point where it is 90% uninhabitable and displaced thousands of people among the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas.

Irma is literally annihilating all of the places we know to be a tropical paradise and turning them into nothing but rubble and sand. If you are from Florida, like me, or anywhere in the South that gets affected by hurricanes almost annually, you know that this storm is no joke. Irma is the biggest and baddest thing any of us have ever seen, and there are also TWO other hurricanes brewing as well!

I recall my state being battered by three or four hurricanes in one season back in 2004. Charley, Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne! Francis was also HUGE… I believe they compared it to the size of Texas raining down over Florida.

I remember boarding up the windows, not being able to see what Hell was swirling around outside… hearing the loud whistling of the wind, sounding like even a freight train at times… and being in hot ass Florida with NO air conditioning.

Groceries? Ha. Those were spoiled. TV? Nope. We had to pour water in the toilet just so we could flush and also took VERY cold showers… The yard was strewn with branches and debris, roads were flooded, redlights inoperable, and everyone was wondering when their power would turn back on.

It was not that bad though. We had time off of school and more importantly got to spend time together as a family, even if it was a little scary.

I was too young to drink that year, but my parents did. Now that I am an adult and we are about to be hit with another dangerous storm, it was up to me to get my own hurricane supplies. Water, Gatorade, nonperishable food, and BEER. 

Not sure how I am going to keep that beer cold, though, once the power goes out. Because of that, I have some wine on standby.

I live close to Orlando, and right now Irma is making a beeline for us. A few days ago we were not that concerned, but the thing is, these storms change their minds almost daily. We may have another shift in the storm even by Sunday, right before the eye hits Central Florida.

All I have to say is as long as the roof of my house doesn’t get ripped off and none of my friends and family get hurt or die, I will be just fine.

If you are in Florida/South Florida, GOOD LUCK! Evacuate if you haven’t, get your supplies ready, fill your tank up, and drink a beer! Cheers to being a Floridian. May you all stay safe and sound!


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