My Favorite Sour

What’s up, y’all?

It’s Friday Eve! I can’t wait for the weekend. Got some plans on Friday night for a friend’s birthday, I am working a little bit this weekend, and hopefully relaxing and putting some projects together for this blog on Sunday. It’s definitely gonna be a busy weekend for me!

So, do you remember the other day when I told you I would write a post all about my favorite sour? This is it.


Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale!

I love, love, love this beer! You will like this beer if you meet these two conditions:

  1. You enjoy good beers
  2. You like the flavors of lime and salt

This is such a great sour for a hot day, and where I am from, we have a TON of those. You really do taste the lime and the salt, but I think it balances very well with the malt. (Ha, rhymes and limes. HA. Did it again.)

This is one of those beers you want to sip on while you’re on a beach for a few hours, looking like 50% your genes are made up of lobster, and you’re missing a flip-flop. Basically, a piss-poor version of Cinderella. Life isn’t too bad though, because even though the sand is hot and you’re missing a shoe, you still have a really good beer in your hand. This drink also sort of quenches your thirst (obviously… the name says so). It’s the whole package and then some. All that AND a bag of chips.

I remember my friend sent me a picture of this beer and she said I had to try it and wouldn’t stop talking about how good it was. I just remember looking at it and thinking, oooh, pretty label!

Now I kind of hate her for introducing me to my soulmate, or should I say soulmalt?

Actually, that’s not true. I really, really love SeaQuench Ale (did I mention I love this beer?) and I love my friend for telling me about it! It’s really my wallet that hates me.

Oh well. Life is short, drink beer. Drink good beer. And don’t waste your time on people who bring you down and make you try crappy ones!

I really hope this blog post makes you want to try this beer. If it hasn’t, you’re out of your mind and really missing out. If you can’t find this in a store near you, I will pick some up and trade you for something else!

Also, helpful and constructive feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next beer. 🙂


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