Weird Tastes and Smells

Have you ever tried a beer and thought, man, this tastes like fresh crayons?

My boyfriend is strange. He tries many beers, just like I do. Rather than picking up on what the beer was actually brewed with or meant to taste like, though, he compares it to off-the-wall things that most beer drinkers and cicerones probably wouldn’t even think about.

He once tried a beer and said it smelled/tasted like fresh… crayons?

Crayons, yes. Like, the ones you color with when you’re 5 years old.

Yesterday we both tried a sour beer that he claimed to smell like buttered movie theater popcorn. I thought he was crazy.

Until I had the beer again tonight. THIS BERLINER SMELLS LIKE MOVIE THEATER BUTTERED POPCORN. I $h!t you not.

Once he said that, I kept sipping on it and tried it again tonight. And he’s right!


Has there ever been a beer you tried that has had a really weird smell or taste, but wasn’t necessarily gross?

Let me know in the comments! I would love to know that we are not the only weirdos that think beer tastes like crayons and popcorn.

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