Where Should I Drink Beer in Orlando?

Hourglass Brewing

Let me just start by saying I think you should visit ALL the breweries Orlando has to offer.

This is not a list of favorites (although, I do love all of these breweries very much). This is a short list of ones I think are the best for tourists to check out based on location and different styles. Each one is unique and some are located close to other craft beer spots you could check out if you have the time.

I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses and I think every brewery deserves a visit! Not all of them will be your cup of tea, and some of them may not carry the most trendy styles, but all of them are worth paying a visit.

Miner’s Light from Rockpit Brewing in Orlando, FL

I understand that is somewhat impossible though (I still haven’t been to some of the breweries in town).

The most frequently asked question I am always getting is something along the lines of “I’m coming to Orlando, what breweries do you recommend I go to?”

It depends on where you are going to be staying and what kind of beers you like. I want to point you in the best direction I possibly can.

This post will be more general to the Central Florida/Greater Orlando area. If you are coming to Orlando and going to be within a one-hour radius of the downtown area, these will be my picks.

These are also listed in no particular order.

Breweries to Check Out in Orlando

  1. Bowigens Beer Company
  2. Tactical Brewing
  3. Ellipsis Brewing
  4. Hourglass Brewing (two locations)
  5. Rockpit Brewing
  6. Deviant Wolfe Brewing
  7. Crooked Can Brewing
  8. Ivanhoe Park Brewing
  9. The Ravenous Pig Brewing
  10. Half Barrel Beer Project

Please know I have a LOT more recommendations than just those! There are SO many components that can make a brewery magical and to make it on a “Must-See” list. It’s primarily the beer, but it’s also the people and ambiance. The experience you have is crucial to making you want to come back. This list is insanely short and if you’re interested in hearing about more breweries, I suggest you check out one of my guides on Instagram or this blog post about the North Orlando area.

I hope this is helpful to your next trip to Orlando and please, don’t ever hesitate to ask me questions. Shoot an e-mail over to info@thefloridahopmama.com if you’re ever curious or want more in depth details on the breweries/craft beer places in Orlando.


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