Who is she?

Hey everyone!

Things are looking a little different these days, aren’t they?

I’m not just talking about 2020 as a whole (we all know how crazy this year has been so far), but things have also changed around here. Where is Blonde Brew Reviews? Who the heck is the Florida Hop Mama?

Blonde Brew Reviews is gone.

I always really disliked my name. I didn’t really put in a ton of thought into it when I first created my social media accounts and my journey. Ha, I am blonde, and I like blonde brews, let’s go with something like that. That’s how I came up with my name. BORING.

It has taken me weeks, even months to come up with a new name, and I finally played around with some ideas and got serious over the last few days to pick a new identity.

I just really feel like Florida Hop Mama suits me better. I am a Florida girl through and through, I have lived here my whole life! I love my state. I love the colorful and raw beauty of Florida. There are so many vibrant, beautiful colors I get to see every single day. I love all of the nature, from the muddy swamps to the sandy beaches. Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of the giant palmetto bug roaches or spiders or mosquitos, among a few others… but, besides all of that, I love it.

Have you ever driven down a highway in Lake County, only to look over and see fresh, juicy oranges, growing in tidy rows? Or maybe seen an alligator crossing the road? Have you seen sharks darting around New Smyrna Beach, or even seen a breathtaking orange sunset over the Florida Keys? I have.

Not only has Florida helped shape me into the person that I am, but craft beer has as well. I’m a girl who loves her hops, what can I say. My favorites would have to be El Dorado, Citra, or Amarillo. Even the colors that come to mind when I think of gold, orange, or yellow remind me of the Florida sunshine or tasty Florida oranges.

And finally, as of 2019, I have become a mom. My life has changed significantly, and I don’t just post about new beers that I have tried anymore.

Blonde Brew Reviews was new to craft beer and spent time seeking out new styles and wanted to try any new beer that wasn’t brewed under a huge domestic corporation. The Florida Hop Mama knows what beer she likes and has traveled around the state and beyond trying new places. She knows a lot more about craft beer and where it REALLY comes from. And that is what she wants to share with everyone.

So, going forward, things are going to relatively be the same, but better. I also think it is much easier to say Florida Hop Mama or shorten it to “Hop Mama” rather than saying “Blonde Brew Reviews.”

As always, I have more things coming your way. Stay tuned. I’ll see y’all on Instagram!

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